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do you prefer;

[X] big breast
[X] medium
[X] small breast

[X] shaven
[X] short
[ ] unshaven

[X] blond
[X] black
[ ] red
[X] brown

how old are you? 15

what do you like in a girl? Funny, outgoing, spontaneous, attractive, intelligent

have you lost your virginity? no

what do you think the average bra size is for girls your age? B

what do you think a small bra size is for a girl your age? A

what do you think a big bra size is for girls your age? D

what percentage of girls your age are virgin? 80%

have you had sex? no

if so what kind? well i've had oral and hand jobs

do you have/had a girlfriend and if so how many? 2, kinda 3 but its complicated

have you started puberty? yes

what age did you start? 10-12 idk

what percentage of girls your age have started puberty do you think? 95%

do more girls your age have big, small, little, or no breast? i want them to be proportional, but big is nice if its still porportional

do you like big nipples or small? smallish

have you had a serious girlfriend? yeah

have you seen a girl naked? yupyupyup

do you have a best girl friend? yessir

have you touched girls breast? yes dur

have you seen a girl get dressed? yeah

do you have any more sugestions for more questions?
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