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Question I'm straight but sometimes I masturbate to gay porn?

As far as I know I'm straight, but I'm a bit confused with this. I'm only 15 so I get that it's kind of hard to tell now with hormones and all. I only crush on girls (right now I'm crushing really hard over a girl in my class too) , and I'm only attracted to girls. I don't think men are hot, and I couldn't see myself dating or doing anything with another man. Sometimes I do masturbate to gay porn though. I hardly ever do, but when I do I usually cum a lot faster, and I think I get more pleasure out of it. Something about it feels wrong though. It's not like I think there's anything wrong with being gay, but it still doesn't feel right, know what I'm saying? So is this a normal thing, and does that mean I'm bi or something? Thanks, peoplez of the interwebz!
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