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Originally Posted by Skipper
As of 2014, Islam is the most violent Religion (it's more of a ideology rather than Religion), so we should focus on that first.
You've touched on an important point here:

Islam has been politicised in the ME in a response the Western imperialism. It's the fact that Islam has been used as the foundation of a pan-nationalist movement with globalist ambitions that has resulted in Islam becoming an issue - and not Islam itself on its own merits.

Originally Posted by Skipper
I didn't mean "at all costs" in a violent way, what i meant is that we should use the resources available (including the democratic system) to stop it from spreading.
Please offer up specific examples. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Skipper
If Islam in fact does "take over" the world, whom is their goal, our grand grand children will live in a world where relationship violence, rape, murder, and other inhumane things is legal.
I can't find a single correct point in this quotation.

Islam itself doesn't want to take over. Islamists do.

And violence, rape, and murder would all be illegal under sharia law.


I'm ignoring the likelihood that this is never going to occur.

Originally Posted by Skipper
"Religion" is terrible.
Please expand here. Thank you.

I also disagree that religion has caused nothing but trouble. This is so self-evident I'm not even going to bother to source this claim.

Originally Posted by Skipper
Another reason why i don't believe in any religion is because a "God", etc, is simply non-existant.
Please present evidence supporting this claim. Thank you.

".... the result of a consistent and total substitution of lies for factual truth is not that the lie will now be accepted as truth, and truth be defamed as lie, but that the sense by which we take our bearings in the real world - and the category of truth versus falsehood is among the mental means to this end - is being destroyed ... [H.A.]"
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