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Originally Posted by Gamma Male View Post
Islam is violent and destruction. So is every other religion. Or rather, religion allows people to be manipulated into being violent and destructive. But islam is no worse than Christianity or Judaism.

And while I agree we should attempt to educate people and society would be better off without religion, "eradicated at all costs" sounds a bit too violent for my tastes.
As of 2014, Islam is the most violent Religion (it's more of a ideology rather than Religion), so we should focus on that first.

I didn't mean "at all costs" in a violent way, what i meant is that we should use the resources available (including the democratic system) to stop it from spreading.

If Islam in fact does "take over" the world, whom is their goal, our grand grand children will live in a world where relationship violence, rape, murder, and other inhumane things is legal.

"Religion" is terrible.

My mom's uncle who died over a year ago from cancer was a "hardcore" Christian, also the nicest person i've known, however this does not change the fact that religion has caused nothing but problems in society for a veryyy long time, therefore i do not believe in any religion.

Another reason why i don't believe in any religion is because a "God", etc, is simply non-existant.

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