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Default did america ever put a man on the moon?

im undecided but after researching this topic i have found some things that make me wonder.

1 - shadows - multiple shadows cast in many directions simutanelously
2 - the flag blows inthe wind - the moon has no atmosphere - hence no wind
3 - dust rises and settles with every step on the moon - no gravity
4 - no stars in the background of any footage/photograph - weird being in space
5 - how canyou watch a shuttle land - when no one has been there before?
6 - why is the tv footage so bad when the capabilities were beyond that?
7 - what happened to engine noise during takeoff
8- why is such a small portion of the landing zone seen?
9- where did this land rover come from? it was dropped from the shuttle to land perfectly beside the moon rover
10 - why is every photo i have ever seen perfect - working with such a bulky outfit and no real viewfinder
11 - what about the radation belt that surronds earth? how can you travel through it and survive that, but work with a radar gun and you get testicular cancer
12 - why haven;t they returned or the russians been? it was the great space race and the russians give up so easily!

now im not trying to upset all the diehard american patriots out there im just trying to see what you guys think.
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