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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Bi. I was never really attracted to either guys or girls until I was around 12-13 believe it or not. First real crush was on a girl and I didn't really start noticing guys until I was about 15, was watching porn one day and decided I'd go into the gay section and yeah, the rest is history and ever since then my love for guys has grown. Right now i'm still not 100% sure what I am. Probably had more "crushes" on guys in the past few years but I had a major crush on one girl for about 3 years (As sad as that sounds). She kept leading me on, I think she still likes me but I don't have time for that stuff right now. I definitely see myself settling down with a girl one day though, can't see myself with men in a long term relationship. ALSO my attraction levels shift dramatically at random times, one time I want nothing but dick and another time I can't even look at dick. It's irritating.

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