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Originally Posted by Twitcherz
Originally Posted by Mute
tim, face it, ure just pissed cuz they changed they're style of music, granted they were better with thier older stuff, but thier new album, is still a good album, after all, its the most popular of the lot (apart from dookie)...
it is still a good album, they are still awesome muscians, and they are still an amazing band.
(i guess you hhave to see them live to understand just how good they are)
Yeah that is why I dont like them anymore, because I dont like that style, Is there something wrong with that?
Oh and for the record I have seen them live
absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! its a personal choice... i dont like them anymore either! if youve gotta problem with it you can just lick a toilet because its my personal taste no one elses.

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