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Smile Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

I am 16 and cut. It happened to me as an infant. Three of my four closest guy friends are cut and one is uncut. I am satisfied with the way I am.

As for religion: I think the only large religions that require circumcision are Judaism and Islam, ideally for Jews at 8 days after birth and for Muslims at age 14.

In the U.S. from at least the middle of the 19th century until the 1960s about 80% of boy babies were circumcised. The reasons given for this action were quasi-medical and quasi-religious (Ie. Hygiene and Puritanism). There was a strong belief that circumcision prevented masturbation which, in turn prevented moral decilne (sin), as well as physical and mental illnesses.

By the middle of the 20th century (50s & 60s) medical science and psychologists concluded that there was no intrinsic harm to masturbation. Science showed that nearlly every boy and man masturbated and that they were even good practices unless they became so obsessive that they interfered with ordinary activities of daily life.

Today NO major medical, psychiatric, or psychological profession association
will tell us masturbation is wrong or sinful and thus that argument can not be used to justify circumcision.

Today many fewer baby boys are circumcised in the U.S.; some say only 60% or fewer. Whether a baby is circumcised these days does vary by region. The lowest percentage of boys circumcised is in the West followed by the Northeast. The highest % of boys circumcised is in the Midwest followed by the South. A couple of generations a go circumcision was greatest in the South.

In theory and technically, uncut guys should have the greater sexual feelings and pleasure during masturbation or intercourse (vaginal or anal) than cut guys because of very large number and sensitivity of nerve endings in the foreskin. In practice There are Many other factors that determine sexual satisfaction and that's why both cut and uncut guys feel they "do better."

I suggest we not go to the debate page to debate and argue but, rather, use this page to describe what it means to each of us to be cut our uncut with what results.
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