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Originally Posted by Abd123
Originally Posted by Jagged Little Pill
you cant have everything you want abd123! and people like you will never have any bit of influence in this society. how about you start you own party....and stop complaining and making annoying remarks.
I have my own party ; the npwtrip party, it means the not putting up with the retards in power party


First, I'd have robots do everything (except for the work my slaves do; they'll be doing something pointless like trying to save the environment or something to that effect to keep them busy).

I'd do irrational things like make it illegal to go swimming on certain days, and censor all forms of self expression by making freedom of speech (especially environment protests) illegal.

I'd found an organization that helped people who didn't need help, just to play with the minds of the low in spirit and poor.

and I'd ban you from my country

First of all, i would never even join a country that had a shit ass leader like yourself! you cant even win over teenagers at vt! and robots are made by humans, so that makes them about as accurate as humans! it wont be until you are dead before robots could do such things.and all those irriational things just wont work because no one would agree with them! you are living in the wrong century! people have to agree to do things like that! and people can choose to not join your country! and no one will ever listen to your stupid ideas except maybe those in the insane hspitals! and even they will feel sorry for you!
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