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Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by Abd123
how I say it should be

nschw you can't ban me because you disagree with what I say. First amendment sunshine. I'm not even from America and I know it
"I'm protected by the 1st amendment!"
who the fuck cares. This is a private website, and the admins can do whatever the fuck they want and it doesn't fall under anything.
I don't want to ban you because i disagree with you, i want to ban you because you are a racist pig who spreads hate and spams.
how am I racist ?? I've nothing against black people. I've nothing against anyone because of their skin colour. If I hate you it's because I think you're a wanker.

I don't hate. I prefer my posts in the context of love ...

love for hate.

It's not a private website it's a government website.
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