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Originally Posted by Broken Toy View Post
if they both didnt believe there was a god and didnt believe there wasnt a god that would be agnosticism (i think, im just saying they would be agnostic)
Not exactly, agnosticism is more like saying "I don't know, and I don't think we can know" to put it basically.

Agnosticism is more the belief that it's impossible to know for sure whether or not a higher power does exist. Then you have agnostic theism, which is like "I don't think it's possible to know, but there could be [in my opinion]", and you've got agnostic atheism, which is like "I don't think it's possible to know, but I don't think there is [in my opinion, it is highly unlikely for a god to exist]".

I mean, I suppose there are true agnostics out there who just generally stay neutral ("It's impossible to know anyways, why bother siding?"), but generally the agnostics I've met (are atheistic) lean one way or the other.

Originally Posted by kanine View Post
I consider myself to be agnostic. However I am starting to lean towards a more athistic veiw. I think that the concept of religion, in all of it's glory, is the worlds greatest mistake. I don't mean this as "oh every who believe in big man in sky be dumb dumb har" but like, think about how many wars are fought because some guy believes something the other doesn't. To state a few examples: Hitler targetted jews because they didn't believe Jesus was the messiah (or that was one reason at least), The catholics and isl went to war over the holy lands just because they believed jesus was just a prophet so they were heretics, westboro baptist church waging war against humanity because of bible text taken out of context. all of this death, war, and hatred could easily have been avoided were it not for religion having to have its way with everyone on the face of the planet.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, and I am in no way claiming I am right about all of this. It's just my veiwpoint and I'm happy to say I respect many others veiwpoints. Unless you run at me screaming like a banshee and demanding I accept christ or burn in the eternal hellfire.
I'm not saying you're wrong in this, however, arguably religion isn't the only thing that's brought about hate. And arguably, hating someone over a difference of opinion is more justifiable than hating someone over a difference in appearance.

I feel that people, as a whole, take a lot of things way too seriously, and way too far. Religion just happens to be something a lot of people have conviction in. It's unfortunate that no one thinks to use logic in day-to-day life- and worse, that they don't think to teach their kids to...

If everyone learned to calm the fuck down, would religion have been as big of a problem in the first place? Obviously we'll never know- the past is the past, however, a lot can be accomplished when you take a step back and think. A lot of these people didn't think very hard. They just used their emotions of rage and hate fueled by prejudice and xenophobia taught to them by their parents.

I mean, I'm hardly a good example of "calming the fuck down", but I do know where I fall short. I'm not blind to my faults. It's a hard habit to break sometimes.

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