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Originally Posted by Riverman View Post
I dont know if this question belongs here but, I am 13 and turning 14 in a couple of days. My penis I know has not grown fully and I have alot of hair on around my penis, on my thighs, and on my legs, and I was wondering if you Masturbate before a Penis matures will that affect the growth of the penis or any hair on the body? Because I masturbate probably every other day and I cum when I do it.
No it won't affect your penis size. It will still grow like all others.

Originally Posted by Ole D View Post
At what age do you normaly start to get a feeling whilst masturbaiting cuz my friends say they do, i have just turned 13 and so have my friends, is there something wrong with me or are my friends just liars? please reply, thanks
Well most people start before puberty, some start when they enter puberty, and others don't masturbate at all. So this is normal. Your friends are probably lying.

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Hello again VirtualTeen. you blackhole.

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