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I should say before I start, that I smoke a lot of cannabis myself. Sometimes upwards of 2 or 3 joints a day. I also smoke cigarettes and drink.

However, as I'm doing a Biology-Pharmacokinetics degree, I figure I'd pick the bones out of this latest statement. The statements I take issue with I'll highlight with Gold & bold. Not to take you down a notch, but to get some science-backed information and my own life experiences in here.

Originally Posted by JimmyP View Post
I smoke marijuana almost daily. I love it. It's a great anti depressant and its health risks are minimal. I generally don't like pharmaceuticals; I'd rather treat my depression and insomnia with a natural remedy (though I'm also on prescription anti depressants atm).
>I love it. I love it too, however, I have to point out that:
>It's a great anti depressant and its health risks are minimal. is a little wrong. You're not incorrect in saying it, I'm just not sure if you know why those common notions exist. It's antidepressant properties are very complex, as Cannabis is primarily Hallucinogenic (you won't get auditory or visual hallucinations, but Hallucinogenic is the best word to describe it.) Under the influence of THC, you can separate your emotions from your sense of self, and gives you a great deal of clairvoyance. Really, you can feel any emotion you want. This is when it's hallucinogenic properties really take hold, and if you're feeling happy, it can make you feel absolutely amazing. If you're feeling sad, it can plunge you into a short depression. Feeling scared? Get ready to freak out.

The reason you, and many others like you, consider Cannabis to be an antidepressant is because you've always associated it with happiness or joy. So it distracts you from a big problem. (I've got no problem with people avoiding difficult situations in this manner. Some say it's immature, I think it's effective for a short time at least.)

Health-wise, if you're smoking it, you're going to inhale the same chemicals as would be in inhaling wood smoke by a campfire or a Canadian Cigarette (Not American cigarettes as additives are legal in them.) All burning plant matter produces the same set of carcinogens. What makes people think Cannabis is so much healthier is because people don't realize that if you're only smoking 1 joint every few days, as opposed to 20 cigarettes a day, they don't make the connection between the amount of smoke inhaled from cigarettes and the lack thereof in Cannabis.

I enjoy being high and find it enhances most of my favorite activities, like playing and listening to music, skiing, hiking, reading and more.
I find that too. Worst thing about that is if you go dry, you won't get as much enjoyment out of those activities. Although that is a very minor issue easily solved by willpower

I've also taken acid a few times. Same with mushrooms. I drink on occasion but only to a buzz (I don't like being wasted). I've taken molly once. I've also done blow once. Those are all very rare (especially blow and alcohol as I don't want to get addicted to anything and the others aren't addictive). Before you get on your high horse and talk about how I'm destroying my brain, I'm also a 4.0 honors student.
>taken acid a few times. Same with mushrooms
I can't say I've done either of those (only because I couldn't get any), and you probably know your way around them. Just make sure you go into it with as healthy an attitude as you can.
>I drink on occasion but only to a buzz (I don't like being wasted).
Now, this is strange, and probably a reflection of the absurdly high drinking age in the United States. But here, we as kids were all drinking long before we took up smoking cigarettes or weed. Our parents actively bought us alcohol at 14, 15, 16, etc.
Alcohol isn't very dangerous when you know your own limits. Drinking ages like 16 in Germany, 18-19 in Canada and 21 in the US sets young men and women up to get sick when they are able to buy alcohol on their own. They never learned their own limits and they often drink too much or just get sick.

>I've taken molly once. I've also done blow once. Before you get on your high horse and talk about how I'm destroying my brain, I'm also a 4.0 honors student. I have to write large in order for anyone to pay attention to this. That you've only done cocaine once is commendable. I've tried it once too, didn't like it. HOWEVER, Molly can and will destroy the brain if taken too often (more than once a month at least) or if taken too much. And it won't make you an idiot. You could have a 100% average and still be on MDMA. But what it does do, and this is how it works, is by putting so much pressure on your neurons to release feel-good endorphins and neurotransmitters it literally burns them out. Take molly too much, and you might be the smartest person alive but you'll be absolutely miserable. You will no longer have the neurons capable of making you happy alone. You'll continuously feel gloom and doom. That's the danger of Molly.

I left out boatloads of information regarding weed, including my pleas to not do it every day or the highs will start to leave you. And it doesn't matter how long of a tolerance break you give it, you'll never get as high as you once did. That is something you should keep in mind.

Also worth Noting is that you're probably still in your teen years, the chemistry and the equilibrium of your brain is always changing. I'd implore you not to do too many drugs or too often (how often you can decide for yourself), while you're still in puberty. After puberty slows and you're getting into 17-18-19, you'll have a harder time affecting future brain chemistry than if you were 13-14-15. (Although MDMA will burn out any brain regardless of age.)

Also, addiction to alcohol usually takes months to truly manifest itself. It's a lot like tobacco. You really need to push tobacco or alcohol use for many months before you realize you're addicted. This should not be used as a scapegoat to try to get away with more, but as something to ease your mind if you've drank 2 days in a row or something like that

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