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I smoke marijuana almost daily. I love it. It's a great anti depressant and its health risks are minimal. I generally don't like pharmaceuticals; I'd rather treat my depression and insomnia with a natural remedy (though I'm also on prescription anti depressants atm). I enjoy being high and find it enhances most of my favorite activities, like playing and listening to music, skiing, hiking, reading and more.

I've also taken acid a few times. Same with mushrooms. I drink on occasion but only to a buzz (I don't like being wasted). I've taken molly once. I've also done blow once. Those are all very rare (especially blow and alcohol as I don't want to get addicted to anything and the others aren't addictive).

Before you get on your high horse and talk about how I'm destroying my brain, I'm also a 4.0 honors student.

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