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Since there's little discussion in here atm,

I'll re-re-re-re-introduce myself, my last post in this thread was 2012.

I'm a stubborn atheist. I run through religions with logic, and they're completely unnecessary for human morality in this day in age. In fact, I think they're evil. I grew up Anglican on an island almost as segregated among denominations as Ireland is. Newfoundland was divided between the Anglicans, Catholics and the Methodists (Like the Salvation Army, and the United Church). You knew, and still know, which family comes from where based solely on religion. Anglican? English. Catholic? Irish. Methodist? London.

They each owned their own school board up until 1997. So all the catholics were sent to catholic schools, ang to anglican, etc. Costly and ineffectual since there were as many school boards as there were religions. Often, entire towns were separated and still are based on Denomination. Norris Arm is Catholic. Norris Arm North is Anglican and Salvation Army. You can see Norris Arm North about 3 kilometres away, but the nearest road into it takes you 10 km down the highway. It divided communities and in recent years we as an island have had the good sense to blow it off.

I hate religion. Name me one moral thing that can only be done by a person of faith and cannot be performed by a nonbeliever or atheist. Can't name one.
But name me one immoral thing that a believer may do that an atheist could not do, and you come up with many examples. Killing in the name of god, genital mutilation, having an old pope telling the heavily catholic african world that AIDS is bad and very wicked, but not as wicked as condoms. Which may have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Just a few of my grievances to note

EDIT: I should note, our denominations and branches of Christianity are far more peaceful and open to renounce holy scripture than the branches in Europe and particularly the United States. Canadian church dioceses are very liberal these days, absolutely no fire and brimstone

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