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Default A strange weekend filled with dangerous gibberish.

For one, I will do no editing besides spell checking the document, (Pet peeve), but that's about it.

This weekend started unlike most of my weekends. Most of the time, I get higher then hell. This weekend was different, and not in a good way. My buddy, we'll call him "B", decided to get weed, no different from other weekends. Then he starts telling me about my shitty attiude and how it's affecting me. B goes on to bash one of my other buddies to me in ways only a bigot would use. He was knocking him because the guy's Italian. I mentioned this to him, and he told me, "I don't trust him. He's a Dago." I condone no racist behavior or bigoted behavior of any kind, please don't think I do. B also told me that I was "Out of control" earlier today because of a decision I was considering.

I didn't want to piss B off, but it pisses me off. I don't like people telling me what to do. Advice is fine and much appreciated, but when someone interferes in my life, it's not conductive with a happy place.

B's mother is against weed in a disturbing way. She told me stories this morning that reeked of bullshit. I smoke pot, and a lot of it. So I know what I'm doing when it comes to that. His mom told me that one of their family members is suffering day in and out because of excessive amounts of weed. Now, I know a lot of stoners, and I've never seen or even heard of such a story.

Because of her comments and B's, that's why I think this weekend was highly disturbing. Though I don't advocate the use of drugs to others, it's my preference and my decision. And to me, it's dangerous gibberish for two intelligent people to act that way. It's revolting how some are taken in by the government's Nazi propaganda, and it's equally revolting how one's best friend who's like a brother goes and acts with blatant racisim and bigotry, and also tells me pure horseshit.

I've been friends with these folks for seven years, and I truly hope a repeat of this weekend never happens again. At this rate, there'll be a waste of time otherwise known as an "Intervention".

PS: My opinons are my own, and I don't encourage the lifestyle I choose to lead.
PSS: Though I may not agree with decisions others make, I choose not to constantly bug them about it.

\"It never got weird enough for me.\"

Hunter S. Thompson
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