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If I were you I wouldn't come out that I was gay yet not because I don't think you should but because I'm not so sure you are gay. Your a teenager in puberty, your hormones are raging you can't make sence of it, can't figure it out. Your at the point now where you body is turned on by sexuality itself, you don't see the diffrence as a sexual turn on between man and women. Your curious about yourself and those around you theres nothing wrong with that. I've been where you are....hell I am where you are, I have no idea if I'm gay, bi or straight and I'm going to wait till i'm out of puberty befor I decide, I think you should do the same. Just my point of view. Now I'm sure that there are other kids at your school that are just as curious as you but I don't think that ther'd be many people that are 100% sure that there are now and will always be gay.
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