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Originally Posted by broken toy View Post
but to reject belief must mean that you believe that there is no god
No it doesn't. I do not believe in God. But I also do not believe there is no god. I simply believe the existence of God to be very unlikely.

I've gone over this a lot before, but not believing one thing to be true doesn't necessitate that you believe the opposite. It would be logically fallacious to assume that because one doesn't believe the probability of God existing is 100%(gnostic theism), they must believe the probability is 0%(gnostic atheism). They could just believe the probability is between 0% and 100%, or they could lack any believe on the subject whatsoever. This is the case for inanimate objects and animals and babies. Planets do not believe in God. That doesn't mean they believe there is no God. Some people do not believe in god. That does not mean they believe there is no god.

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