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Originally Posted by Lovelife090994 View Post
Wow, you spent pages to through rhetoric in my face, so let me try reason is a short few paragraphs. Yes, I care about those being killed but you never acknowledged Christians and Jews getting killed.
I never acknowledged?This is not fair!I have always condemned those are committing genocide against Christians and Jews right in front of yourself for hundreds of times!Yet you say that I never acknowledged?

But I know why. You are okay with it or simply cannot speak against it since in Islam you are not allowed to speak against your own faith no matter what is done in it's name.

Once again you are easily getting out of control!Why do you say that no Muslims are condemning it while I have proved that more than half of Islamic World are seriously charging those extremists for committing those crimes in the name of their religion?Why?

And proof of women being treated as less?

Just open your eyes and look at how lowly Muslim women are treated. Can't drive
Yeah just in Saudi Arabia not in whole Muslim World!

, largely less educated than the men
Did you know that this year more than half of those who are going to university in Iran are female.Didn't you know that how many female scientists Muslim countries have?Didn't you know that....

You have no proof for what you are saying right now.

, taken prisoner
Most funny thing ever.You have no proof,so simply be quiet about them.

not to have her hair uncovered
Oh they can

, never to leave an abusive husband because she is his,
Once again saying something as baseless as your logic.Proof? "Oh I don't have any proof,but hey look!Those Muslims are doing it!See how savage their religion is?"

When It comes to proof,you simply cannot even get the hiccups!So how do say such things like this while you cannot prove them?

and need I add how in Islam a woman who is a non-Muslim must convert to Islam when married to a Muslim or else she face death.
It is exactly unlike what you said in Islam even according to text of Quran itself.Where do you really get these things from?Because they are all pure nonsense.Proof?...Hic..Hic...Oh did you get hiccups once again?

The killing of the Christian woman in Sudan who married a Muslim. You can't make this up my dear.

Yeah once again Muslims in places like Sudan and Saudi Arabia are representatives of whole Islamic World right?Great!It is so funny when you take a real minority in Islamic world as a representative for all the majority.

We are talking about Islam my friend!Not some dumbs in Sudan and other countries who call themselves Muslims!


And have you not seen the history? Yeah Muslims love you as long as you submit and pay taxes. About that tax, it was 90% of what they had so basically bondage.
I brought nearly more than 8 sources which could confirm my claim,but you are just saying things based on air!Where is your proof for that?Hiccups!

90% of anything they had!Sorry but pure nonsense!They only needed to pay a little amount of money not all things they had!Even that special tax for non-Muslims in comparing with the taxes which Muslims themselves had to pay were nothing!Non-Muslims only needed to pay Jazyia and regular tax,while Muslims needed to pay Zakat,Khoms and regular taxes with each others.Also,you'd better know that non-Muslims are no longer needed to pay Jazyia in Islamic countries anymore,because like others they will serve in military these days for a while,which means that they will defend the country when it is attacked and no longer Muslim soldiers are alone in defending.

Those taxes were taken from non-Muslims as a payment for security.When it was coming to defend,non-Muslims were not supposed to take up arms and defend Muslim cities,even if they themselves were living in it.So Muslim army was not supposed to defend them against aggressors neither.But if they wanted support from Muslim army,then they were required to either help Muslims against invaders,or pay a little amount of money for protection.A little amount of money not 90% of anything they had!I have proof for it,very reliable proof while you only have hiccups.

I fail to see how you see this faith as flawless. Even other Muslims are dying at the hands of the Shi'ites!
Hehe,ridiculous!It's about 200 years that Shias are getting killed by Muslim and Secular extremists in Middle East!You just proved that how baseless your information is!Your proof?HICCUPS!

Have you been deaf or blind this time? Maybe you aren't interested in this stuff, I get it, but you can't ignore the violence. South Spain was invaded, the Spanish had to fight the invading Muslims out of the Iberian Peninsula because the Muslim Horde wanted to rule Europe as it says they are to do in the Quran.
Muslims only intended to invade Spain not whole Europe!And I'm sure that you don't know why!Because Spaniards used to trespass in African territories of Caliphates and raid Muslim villages and trading caravans through Africa to Europe.Caliphates didn't have any interest in conquering the lands which were full of renegades,bandits and Dark Ages Kingdoms,which by it I mean those days Western Europe.

Haha,this shows that how baseless your views on Quran is!I'm sure that you even haven't read 10 verses of it!Well,what else can a person who except hiccups doesn't have any other proof for his claims say?

I know those two parts but most statistics are made up. In my area and growing up I've seen nothing but people against Christians. Just look here to see it even. Even you are against me and hate me, but if so I can't change that part.
I'm not against you and don't hate you,but I can't see anything else except hatred dropping of your words for Muslims.

Let's finish this my friend!I can't debate with you anymore because we can't understand each others and can't make each others do neither.This is a completely complicated question which can never be answered.But you'd better always remember that I always respect Christianity,I always have and always will.That's all;God Bless You!

"People are asleep.When they die,they wake up."

~Ali Ibn Abi Talib~

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