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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
The table below lists religions classified by philosophy; however, religious philosophy is not always the determining factor in local practice. Please note that this table includes heterodox movements as adherents to their larger philosophical category, although this may be disputed by others within that category. For example Christianity with counted with over 2 billion followers [31.5% of world population - and it's broken down here] overlap those are culturally Christian as well as indigenous people combining folk religions or shamanism with either Christianity or Islam.
The majority of Americans (73%) identify themselves as Christians and about 20% have no religious affiliation. According to the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) (2008) 76% of the American adult population identified themselves as Christians, with 51% professing attendance at a variety of churches that could be considered Protestant or unaffiliated, and 25% professing Catholic beliefs. The same survey says that other religions (including, for example, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism) collectively make up about 4% of the adult population, another 15% of the adult population claim no religious affiliation, and 5.2% said they did not know, or they refused to reply. According to a 2012 survey by the Pew forum, 36 percent of Americans state that they attend services nearly every week or more.
In 2000, the religious demographics of Texas were:
  • Evangelical Protestant 64.4%.
  • Roman Catholic 21.2%
  • Mainline Protestant 8.1%
  • Orthodox 0.1%
  • Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslim, others; 2.0%
  • Unclaimed 4.5%
Religion. According to a Pew Forum poll, as of 2008, 76% of Ohioans identified as Christian. Specifically, 26% of Ohio's population identified as Evangelical Protestant, 22% as Mainline Protestant, and 21% as Roman Catholic. 17% of the population is unaffiliated with any religious body.
I have no idea where Christians get this idea that they're oppressed or something.
And what about those fools running around saying the "White Race" is disappearing?

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