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Originally Posted by Broken Pen View Post
Sorry,you don't have any evidence and you are still trying to claim that your own idea about Islam is exactly what it is while it's not.

Crusades first happened because Byzantine Emperor asked help from his arch enemy Pope against Seljuk Sultan Alp Arsalan,not because of Muslim raids in Europe and Occupation of Holy Lands by Muslims,these very only things which helped Crusades happen easier not the main idea of them.I have evidence for that.Do you?

Lock Routledge Companion pp. 306308

Mayer Crusades pp. 67

Roman Christians were suppressing Jews and ruining their temples and shrines in Holy Lands and forced them to leave while Muslims let them get back and repaired their holy places and temples in Palestine.I have evidence.Do you?

Gil, Moshe (1997). A History of Palestine, 6341099. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press

Muslims invaded whole Spain and southern France for a period of time and according to numerous historical books and sources,most of Muslim dynasties which ruled over Iberia and later south Iberia and Cordoba and Granada were really tolerant of other religions unlike Spaniard Catholic Christians who started inquisitive missions for clearing every non-Christian religion from Iberia.I have evidence.Do you?

Jayyusi. The legacy of Muslim Spain

Bernard Lewis, The Jews of Islam (1984)
Fatimid Caliphate and Buyyid Government of Tabaristan were two major Shia Muslim nations which in both of them non-Muslims were allowed to hold offices and being involved in political matters of Muslims.Especially Fatimid Caliphate was infamous for its great religious tolerance for Egyptian Christians,Orthodox Christians and Jews.I have an evidence for it.

Goldschmidt 84-86

What do you have to say about this one?Jews of Jerusalem fought side by side of Muslims against Crusaders in Crusades!I have an evidence for it.Do you?

Brown, Michael L. Our Hands Are Stained with Blood: The Tragic Story of the "Church" and the Jewish People

Do you understand that Constantinople fell into hands of Ottoman Turks who at the same time were fighting four other different Muslim nations?Mamluks in Egypt,Shias in Lebanon and Iraq,other Muslims in Persia.So don't blame it on Islam,blame it on Turks.And I still know Hagia Sophia as a Church not a mosque.Not only me,but also many other Islamic sources.Because Hagia Sophia was a Church at first and according to Islamic Principles,Muslims are not allowed to change Churches and Kanisas into Mosques.

Even closer to now be it in Myanmar with Buddhists versus Muslims or Muslims versus the world Islam has proven time and time again to be against the world.

Graphic, explicit and inappropriate imagery removed. ~Typhlosion

Muslims are getting massacred innocently and you are just supporting those who are committing genocide?Yet you blame Muslims for their being killed only because of being Muslims?I only can get one thing from it.A GREAT DOUBLE STANDARD.

Your opinion.

It is a religion of constitutional freedom.

The Social Laws must not be broken.

You have no evidence proving that women are properties in Islam,you yourself know this too and yet you are insisting on forcing your own view of Islam on others.

And about the rest,I really didn't get what you said above would you please type a little clearer and simpler?

Leaving the faith is not punishable by death if you didn't know,but trying to provoke the Islamic Society by breaking Islamic Social Laws and making tensions in Islamic Society is.You can convert if you like and announce it,but you are not allowed to disturb others' faiths and try to make tensions in society.

Because you are claiming something and to prove it,you have to bring proofs and evidences,which as I can see you haven't.
Wow, you spent pages to through rhetoric in my face, so let me try reason is a short few paragraphs. Yes, I care about those being killed but you never acknowledged Christians and Jews getting killed. But I know why. You are okay with it or simply cannot speak against it since in Islam you are not allowed to speak against your own faith no matter what is done in it's name. And proof of women being treated as less?

Just open your eyes and look at how lowly Muslim women are treated. Can't drive, largely less educated than the men, taken prisoner, not to have her hair uncovered, never to leave an abusive husband because she is his, and need I add how in Islam a woman who is a non-Muslim must convert to Islam when married to a Muslim or else she face death. The killing of the Christian woman in Sudan who married a Muslim. You can't make this up my dear.

And have you not seen the history? Yeah Muslims love you as long as you submit and pay taxes. About that tax, it was 90% of what they had so basically bondage. I fail to see how you see this faith as flawless. Even other Muslims are dying at the hands of the Shi'ites! Have you been deaf or blind this time? Maybe you aren't interested in this stuff, I get it, but you can't ignore the violence. South Spain was invaded, the Spanish had to fight the invading Muslims out of the Iberian Peninsula because the Muslim Horde wanted to rule Europe as it says they are to do in the Quran.

Originally Posted by cheesee View Post
That doesn't make any sense untill you post a decent example. Throwing around "all and everyone is against us!' just makes the argument weaker.

Over 70% of americans are christians.

over 30% of the world population is christian.

Then again I'm assuming you'd already know these basic facts about your own religion.
I know those two parts but most statistics are made up. In my area and growing up I've seen nothing but people against Christians. Just look here to see it even. Even you are against me and hate me, but if so I can't change that part.

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