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Originally Posted by Broken Pen View Post
Once again you mentioned it while I have proved major half of Islamic World is now condemning those crimes.

Hey would anybody please tell this friend of ours how many Muslims are living in this world now and how many of them are condemning terrorism?

For centuries and most of the times, Muslims,Christians,Jews and Zoroastrians were living alongside each others in Middle East without any quarrel,until Europeans stepped in the region and messed anything up!Didn't you know that Jews (I mean those who were originally Middle Eastern and not European converts) were enjoying a great religious tolerance and freedom during Islamic Golden Age (with some exceptions) ?Even Orthodox Christians and Zoroastrians in Middle East were living with a great degree of religious tolerance under Muslims rule in Egypt,Persia and Iraq (With exception in different periods of time which is a completely historical debate).

Which nation in Middle Ages can you mention which those who were not following its official religion could hold offices in it except Muslim ones?

Even in Iberia,most Muslim dynasties and ruler were seriously tolerant of other religions including Judaism and Christianity,which made southern parts of Spain a safe and secure place for Jews who were suffering in other parts of Europe.

All faiths are flawless if you (I mean followers) do not make flaws in them.

Violence and Peace are alongside each others in Islam

Which bible

Of course.

Ah yes and you surely have read all its 30 chapters right?And you still even cannot tell me which verse you mean.Which verses do you mean?

Let me just ask this simply;How many verses of Quran have actually read?Tell me in number.You can't?So tell me how many Surahs you have read at least.

I am not a convert and I never said that all people should be hecking Muslims.

While ignoring others.Doesn't make sense.

I'm not ignoring half of Quran while I'm admitting that there are violent verses in Quran,but don't expect me to ignore its other half,which has restricted those violent parts clearly in various verses.

Also another thing.Half of the Quran?Dude there are more than 6000 verses in Quran (long and short) which nearly 2500 of them are violent directly!Also,if you claim that you have read Quran,all its 30 chapters,then you could see that Quran itself restrict violence in numerous places.

I can't believe you still ignore the history! The Crusade? Heard of it? It happened from Muslims invading the Holy Land and killing scores of Christians and Jews. Also, Muslims tried invading Spain and France so how'd Europe respond? The Crusades, but this didn't work well. The fall of Constantinople afterwards with a long siege and later sacking of the Orthodox Church the Hagia Sophia which was never returned but instead defamed and converted to a mosque. Even closer to now be it in Myanmar with Buddhists versus Muslims or Muslims versus the world Islam has proven time and time again to be against the world. Islam isn't peaceful, it is not a religion of freedom, the women are property in Islam, in Islam a man is to take virgins and to take his bride regardless. Also in Islam leaving the faith is punishable by death. You know this I hope but you're ignoring it. And why should I quote a book you obviously know so well? Lastly, no faith is flawless. Why else do you think so many hate religion? It all has flaws.

Originally Posted by cheesee View Post
With the amount of everything, all, everyone and always in that argument I find it hard to even take it seriously concidering it goes beyond my post.
I'm simply saying, after an attack where muslims are behind it, muslims are blamed.
Christians were not blamed for 9/11. Christians are NOT blamed for muslim terrorists attacks.
Saying they are sounds unreasonable and incredibly far fetched since there's no example of evidence given.
I'm sorry but it's just not true. I'm not choosing sides here, at the moment islam causes more violence and death and it's followers are violent and in lack of better words evil;
and when they do something, they are blamed.
Not christians.
Please, stop feeling like being a christian automaticaly makes you a target, beacuse the only thing that causes that is saying so.
No one cares to help that is for sure. The US Government and other world governments i.e. France, Spain, UK, Russia, South Africa, are they stopped the violence to religious minorities in spite of violence in the Middle East and parts of Africa? No, they stand aside watching as genocide happens. You know as well as I do that people can't stand Christians and all through history no matter what side Christians are on we are hated and no one wants to help, we are outcasts. And I am a target. Want to hear my life's story? And yes, we are blamed and always will be. Try being Christian with an unpopular opinion, even with that you might as well be a monkey considering how the political parties will write you off and ignore you. It doesn't matter what country you are in, Christians are hated and their values seen as lunacy, literally no one cares or accepts Christians anymore. We are hated.

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