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Originally Posted by Lovelife090994 View Post
People blame Christians for the crimes in the past. I'm blaming Muslims for the crimes of today since no Muslims are speaking out against this crime.
Once again you mentioned it while I have proved major half of Islamic World is now condemning those crimes.

Hey would anybody please tell this friend of ours how many Muslims are living in this world now and how many of them are condemning terrorism?

And besides, given how the Muslim religion is just simply not tolerant of others and has not been for centuries ergo the fighting in the Middle East, it'll implode one day.
For centuries and most of the times, Muslims,Christians,Jews and Zoroastrians were living alongside each others in Middle East without any quarrel,until Europeans stepped in the region and messed anything up!Didn't you know that Jews (I mean those who were originally Middle Eastern and not European converts) were enjoying a great religious tolerance and freedom during Islamic Golden Age (with some exceptions) ?Even Orthodox Christians and Zoroastrians in Middle East were living with a great degree of religious tolerance under Muslims rule in Egypt,Persia and Iraq (With exception in different periods of time which is a completely historical debate).

Which nation in Middle Ages can you mention which those who were not following its official religion could hold offices in it except Muslim ones?

Even in Iberia,most Muslim dynasties and ruler were seriously tolerant of other religions including Judaism and Christianity,which made southern parts of Spain a safe and secure place for Jews who were suffering in other parts of Europe.

And no faith is flawless. Every faith has flaws be it in the person or the history.
All faiths are flawless if you (I mean followers) do not make flaws in them.

The flaws of Islam are advocating of violence
Violence and Peace are alongside each others in Islam

, the flaws of Christianity is the vast number of false-titles and old versus new contradictory verses. It's all written in stone.
Which bible

You can't rewrite the Quran and you're not supposed to either
Of course.

. I have read the Quran numerous times, and let me just say, it is a very scary read indeed at all the hatred it has to non-Muslims.
Ah yes and you surely have read all its 30 chapters right?And you still even cannot tell me which verse you mean.Which verses do you mean?

Let me just ask this simply;How many verses of Quran have actually read?Tell me in number.You can't?So tell me how many Surahs you have read at least.

It is fine if you are a convert but we can't all be Muslim.
I am not a convert and I never said that all people should be hecking Muslims.

Terrorists are looking at that part.
While ignoring others.Doesn't make sense.

Technically you can't be Muslim if you are going to ignore half of the Quran, then what are you left with?
I'm not ignoring half of Quran while I'm admitting that there are violent verses in Quran,but don't expect me to ignore its other half,which has restricted those violent parts clearly in various verses.

Also another thing.Half of the Quran?Dude there are more than 6000 verses in Quran (long and short) which nearly 2500 of them are violent directly!Also,if you claim that you have read Quran,all its 30 chapters,then you could see that Quran itself restrict violence in numerous places.

And to reinstate, no faith is flawless, at some point the religion may have been but now they are all humanly corrupt

"People are asleep.When they die,they wake up."

~Ali Ibn Abi Talib~

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