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Originally Posted by Lovelife090994 View Post

Yes it is true... No one wants to acknowledge the violence in the Middle East... And yes people do blame Christianity for everything... no one is willing to respect any religion anymore.... Everyone is always believe this or... that,
With the amount of everything, all, everyone and always in that argument I find it hard to even take it seriously concidering it goes beyond my post.
I'm simply saying, after an attack where muslims are behind it, muslims are blamed.
Christians were not blamed for 9/11. Christians are NOT blamed for muslim terrorists attacks.
Saying they are sounds unreasonable and incredibly far fetched since there's no example of evidence given.
I'm sorry but it's just not true. I'm not choosing sides here, at the moment islam causes more violence and death and it's followers are violent and in lack of better words evil;
and when they do something, they are blamed.
Not christians.
Please, stop feeling like being a christian automaticaly makes you a target, beacuse the only thing that causes that is saying so.

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