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Originally Posted by Broken Pen View Post
Minorities may not be treated well by some Muslims in many Muslim countries,but it's not because of religion.

Yes,but in those same scriptures it is said that "Only fight and kill those who want to fight you and don't transgress" and "Killing one innocent human,regardless of their faith,is killing whole humanity".Those infidels who have to be killed according to Quran,are those who intend to transgress an Islamic nation.We have three types of non-Muslims according to Islamic teachings:

1-Aggressive non-Muslims
2-Neutral non-Muslims
3-Interior non-Muslims

1.Aggressive non-Muslims are armed non-Muslims who have forced a war on a Muslim nation and intend to invade it.These non-Muslims have to be fought,and these are those infidels whom Quran has ordered Muslims to fight and kill unless they stop attacking.This is self-defense.

Most of the times,the verses of Quran which order Muslims to fight infidels and kill them are referring to Arab Pagans who were fighting Islam in first years of preaching.

2-Neutral non-Muslims are non-Muslims who don't have any hostility with Islamic countries and Islam has permitted Muslims to make friends with them,trade with them and in special conditions,ally with them;unless they change their attitude and try to fight Islamic countries.

Ethiopia was one of the first non-Muslim Kingdoms which allied with Muslims at first years of Islam and let a group of Muslim refugees to stay in there

3-Interior non-Muslims are non-Muslims who are living in an Islamic nation.Muslims are ordered to treat them with respect and fairness and let them practice their religions (if they have) freely and in return,they are supposed to respect Islamic Social laws of the majority and not break them.

It is.


I am a completely typical Middle Eastern Muslim.I believe every faith is flawless,whether it is Islam or any other faith,but these are bad followers who make a faith look bad or good,not the faith itself.

I respect you too,but I can't agree with your views on faith.This is why I'm not holding Christianity responsible for the crimes and murders which so-called Christians committed against others,whether Jews or Muslims or Zoroastrians or Pagans or Christians themselves.I simply cannot accept your logic for criticizing faiths.
People blame Christians for the crimes in the past. I'm blaming Muslims for the crimes of today since no Muslims are speaking out against this crime. And besides, given how the Muslim religion is just simply not tolerant of others and has not been for centuries ergo the fighting in the Middle East, it'll implode one day. And no faith is flawless. Every faith has flaws be it in the person or the history. The flaws of Islam are advocating of violence, the flaws of Christianity is the vast number of false-titles and old versus new contradictory verses. It's all written in stone. You can't rewrite the Quran and you're not supposed to either. I have read the Quran numerous times, and let me just say, it is a very scary read indeed at all the hatred it has to non-Muslims. It is fine if you are a convert but we can't all be Muslim. Terrorists are looking at that part. Technically you can't be Muslim if you are going to ignore half of the Quran, then what are you left with? And to reinstate, no faith is flawless, at some point the religion may have been but now they are all humanly corrupt.

Originally Posted by cheesee View Post
This is simply not true.
Whenever a muslim terrorist attack happens, the responsible muslims are blamed.
Not christianity.
There is literaly no reason to feel as victim to this, as it just doesn't happen.

Yes it is true. No one wants to acknowledge the violence in the Middle East because it puts blame on a group people are considering a peaceful ethnicity, the Muslims, but this is not right. And yes people do blame Christianity for everything. No religion is flawless and at this rate no one and I mean no one is willing to respect any religion anymore. Everyone is always believe this or that, if you speak of it then you're an extremist. There are victims in the Middle East now, getting beheaded and killed. And for what? In the name of Allah these people are dying while the rest of the world twiddles it's fingers. If this keeps up then the Middle East will be the birth of WW3.

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