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Originally Posted by Lovelife090994 View Post
Islam has many scriptures that have been time and time again lived out now and then against non-believers.
Non-believers are warned,not threatened.Also,most of times none-believers are referred to 7th century Arab Pagans who were trying to destroy Islam.

I'm sure that Bible and Torah have warned non-believers too,haven't they?

Also look at all the crimes need I bring up the Crusades? That affected both histories.
I really didn't get what you said.

And I am referring to the fact that Muhammad married a young underage girl
Different sources say different things about that girl who was Aisha Bint Abu Bakr but it is completely clear that she was between 13-15 when she gave birth which by standards of those times was not underage.Christians and Jews and Hindus and Zoroastrians used to marry girls between 10-15 in those times and in those areas too.Also,I suggest you to study a little more about Aisha and how she was treated by Muhammad.

and the fact that in Islam women are property
In Islam women are not properties;there is no proof about it neither in Quran neither in Prophet-line quotes.Why do you say they are properties in Islam?

and how in Muslim countries minorities are persecuted if not killed
In Islam,all religions are allowed to be practiced freely and Muslims are ordered by Quran to treat non-Muslims respectively and be fair with them.But they are not allowed to disturb the rest of the societies and try to fight against Islamic Social Laws.Why do you say they are persecuted?Please explain.

how you can killed simply for being gay.
Well,this is something which should be expanded a little more.In Quran,it has never been said to kill Homosexuals,but just has been said that it is a sin.

In Islam,not all homosexuals are ordered to be killed,because it is their private lives and doesn't concern others.But if that person tries to disturb the society by shouting his sexual statues into it where most of the population are against it,well it's not just a sin anymore,it is crime.Let me just say this simply:If a person is homosexual,none of our business and none of our government's;If he tries to shout it in public where most of people are against it,then it means that he is trying to make tensions among people,so the majority simply ask their government to deal with it.

Where in the Quran does it say to treat all fairly and to treat gays with love?
Where in it does it say to treat straights all fairly and with love?Treating people in general with love and fair is ordered by Quran,regardless of their religion,their sexuality and their political and social ideas.

Are we not all people?
We are all people,but don't you agree that if I respect you you have to respect me too?If you respect me and I don't respect you,then we will have a conflict.This is exactly like this.

Why are you justifying terrorist's ideas?
I'm not.

If you're not then it is coming across that way. And the "gross" philosophy has yet to die. Islam won't change, it hasn't for hundreds of years
It has changed.Many of Islamic Social laws have changed throughout centuries,but main pillars haven't.

"People are asleep.When they die,they wake up."

~Ali Ibn Abi Talib~

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