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Originally Posted by Broken Pen View Post
Well,first of all you have to know that most of Muhammad's marriages were political,especially with Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr and Muhammad was always kind and generous toward his wives not like men who never care about their spouses.Second,what extreme views do you think Islam has and about what?Today's terrorists are acting only according to a really gross philosophy which was established about 100 years ago and at the same time when Saudi Arabia was established : "Wahhabism".

Islam's minor laws are changeable as I said,there are only major laws which can never change.So this means that Islam can change too.
Islam has many scriptures that have been time and time again lived out now and then against non-believers. Also look at all the crimes need I bring up the Crusades? That affected both histories. And I am referring to the fact that Muhammad married a young underage girl and the fact that in Islam women are property and how in Muslim countries minorities are persecuted if not killed, how you can killed simply for being gay. Where in the Quran does it say to treat all fairly and to treat gays with love? Are we not all people? Why are you justifying terrorist's ideas? If you're not then it is coming across that way. And the "gross" philosophy has yet to die. Islam won't change, it hasn't for hundreds of years.

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