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Originally Posted by Lovelife090994 View Post
I could have said the same things on Christianity but none of that changes what is in the Bible. What you just said gave me the Western understanding and gloss-over of Islam, but even you admitted that there is violence in the Quran that terrorists are living out. Didn't Muhammad have a less than gracious marriage? You see it in the past and you see it happening now. Are you willing to stop the extremists? What do you do about the extreme views in your religion? You can ignore them but wouldn't that be acting as a hypocrite? Even with me I know the Bible has many flaws and old teachings now outdated but over the years Christianity and Christians have had no choice but to adapt and adopt new ideas which for the better make it where extreme views in God's name are not to be tolerated whatsoever. But of course no one cares about that, they just look at the grime and see some religions as a race and some as a cult.
Well,first of all you have to know that most of Muhammad's marriages were political,especially with Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr and Muhammad was always kind and generous toward his wives not like men who never care about their spouses.Second,what extreme views do you think Islam has and about what?Today's terrorists are acting only according to a really gross philosophy which was established about 100 years ago and at the same time when Saudi Arabia was established : "Wahhabism".

Islam's minor laws are changeable as I said,there are only major laws which can never change.So this means that Islam can change too.

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