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Originally Posted by Broken Pen View Post
The extremists even don't know how Islam was in the past,so they cannot live in the way which Islam was.They even do not listen to Quran itself while they are claiming that they are acting according to it.

According to Quran and Shia traditions,Islam has 5 pillars:

Islam has ordered Muslims to follow teachings of Quran,and one of the teachings of Quran is to listen to "Family of Muhammad" who are simply called "Ahl al Beit",means "Members of the Household".This includes "Sovereignty" and "Leadership".Quran itself is not enough alone,because not all details are mentioned in it.

Quran is a book of general laws but for details,you have to go to "Prophet-line quotes and behavior" and "Members of the Household" and after all of them,to reliable "Faqihs" who are permitted to issue "Fatwas" which are religious commands.For example in the past Muslims were allowed to possess weapons in an Islamic country,but now according to the Fatwas which have been issued by Faqihs,possession of any kind of weapon is not permitted anymore and it is forbidden for Muslims to have weapons,except governmental forces and those who are involved in security and military.

The Members of the household were actually fourteen persons who were Muhammad's daughter Fatima,and her husband Ali,and their sons Hassan and Husein,and after them Husein's descendants to the last of them Mahdi.

Most of those extremists whom now you see them in groups like ISIL and Al-Qaeda,believe that they only have to do what is written in Quran in text and follow those priests who believe Quran alone is enough (while they are not even doing what the texts of Quran have ordered them) and no Prophet-line quotes and Members of the Household are needed.It means that they don't recognize "Leadership" and "Sovereignty" as two other pillars of Islam,but even as heretical teachings which have to completely removed.

This is why Shias (especially) and Sunnis who don't agree with them are considered as their arch-enemies and will be slaughtered anywhere they find them.

They are against science,which Quran has ordered exactly in reverse by telling Muslims to search in the universe and study and learn,because learning is one of the ways of absolute praying of God.They believe that everyone has to obey God without thinking about it and otherwise should be killed,while Quran has told there is no forced conversion in religion and people have to accept religions with their hearts and minds and only those who think will get what Islam has to say.

There are many other evidences which prove that extremists are acting exactly against what Quran has told them and not according to it,and this is why majority of Muslim scholars in whole world do not consider them as Muslims,and insist on their immediate destruction.
I could have said the same things on Christianity but none of that changes what is in the Bible. What you just said gave me the Western understanding and gloss-over of Islam, but even you admitted that there is violence in the Quran that terrorists are living out. Didn't Muhammad have a less than gracious marriage? You see it in the past and you see it happening now. Are you willing to stop the extremists? What do you do about the extreme views in your religion? You can ignore them but wouldn't that be acting as a hypocrite? Even with me I know the Bible has many flaws and old teachings now outdated but over the years Christianity and Christians have had no choice but to adapt and adopt new ideas which for the better make it where extreme views in God's name are not to be tolerated whatsoever. But of course no one cares about that, they just look at the grime and see some religions as a race and some as a cult.

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