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Originally Posted by pupp View Post
Ok im straight but when i masturbate i sometimes think of guys,is this weird?

Or gay i guess

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I dont thinks its weird, because I do it to. I think the draw for me is that I wish I knew how I compared to other guys.

Originally Posted by gameXstudios View Post
Hey im13 and knew to this (BTW love it) but tbh I'm nervous to cum like I find the idea gross. How do u know when your about to cum in was jerking off and it started feeling really good ingot nervous and stopped. Was I close to cunning or what

Bvm just had this clear stuff come out not a pot but holy shiy I was close that felt great

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Hey! Im also 13, but I LOVE to cum. I just think it feels so great, and u can just clean it up. Ur lucky that u get precum. I havent started developing that yet, and im kinda wondering when that starts to happen. Any ideas?

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