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I consider myself as Muslim . But due situation in my family , I am secular muslim , so I believe in all basics of my religion and I read Quran , but I have never go to the mosque to pray , although every muslim should pray 5 times per day , I never pray . That is because my father is Montenegrin Muslim but my mom is Croatian Roman Catholic , so it is pretty uncomfortable to live like that , because I have always to balance on both sides , so because that we never celebrate some religious holiday in my family , but I always celebrate with my father secretly out from my house . I feel really bad because it , I love my religion , but I feel bad because of my mom , she is really trying to make me good man no matter on religion , so I understand her , because it is really hard , so sometimes I feel bad because me and my father celebrate some religious holiday even in secrecy , she never celebrate any of her religious holidays . My father allow her to celebrate , but she never ever celebrated .. I feel even bad because I dont have muslim name , so , my parents wanted to give me some indifferent international name - Dennis ..
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