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To be Jewish don't you have to be circumcised? Not 100% familiar with the religion, but I knew male were circumcised.
Well to be recognized in either conservative or orthodox yes. I think it's a grey area in reform. my parents took the right to choose away from me. I've never understood the obsession with cutting parts off your dick. if it wasn't meant to be there it wouldn't. It is there to keep the area moist and to stop the glans from ageing so fast. even if i "grew" it back the 20,000 nerves would never come back. i mean you could argue that you don't need the ear lobe so you can cut this off.

Originally Posted by magicjack8 View Post
I'm not circumcised, and I find that my foreskin is very tight around the head of my penis. This means that when I try to wash my penis it hurts to pull back the foreskin and when I try to pull my foreskin back (when masturbating) it hurts to the point where I can't pull it back at all.

What should I do?
It sounds like it could be phimosis. or maybe it hasn't thinned out enough. i read somewhere that there's an acid produced that softens it. IDK. try pulling it back as far as humanly possible without damaging the frenelum. if this tears it could be agony. i wouldn't recommend circumcision as there's many benefits to just leaving things as the way nature intended. there is a procedure that makes two triangular cuts in the frenelum so it can stretch more. It could just be that you haven't pulled it back at all. word of warning. if you have never pulled it back before, it will smell awful. you should wash under this as it's disgusting not to. as far as i know the only real benefit of being cut is not having to do this

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