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Default Michael Jackson... PeDiFiLe

I waz wonderin y da parents dat let there kids go to Neverland even let dem go derr i mean i kno dat da parents have heard bout wat Mj does to da kids. SO WHY DA HELL DO THEY LET THERE KIDS GO TO NEVERLAND??!! IF I HAD KIDS I WOULD NEVA LET DEM GO!

(*) DrOp It LyKe ItZ hOt GeT 2 wOrKiN tHaT bAc Go ShAyK tHaT tHaNg YeAh WoRk ThAt ThAnG lEmmE c It gO uP n DoWn RoTaTe ThAt ThAnG I wAnNa ToUcH tHaT tHaNg CaN u MaYk It Go RoUnD n RoUnD(*)
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