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Originally Posted by Swimmer98 View Post
Thanks for bringing it up even if it was old, I noticed your sig. I'm not exactly familiar with what a partial cut is? Thanks
Hello Swimmer98,

I'm not exactly sure what a partial circumcision is either, but from everything I've read, it's the closest to what I think I have. I know from my parents that I was circumcised at the hospital at birth. As a child, I remember (as best I can) having a pretty classic-style, flaccid circumcised penis: fully exposed head, small rim of wrinkled, leftover foreskin around the base of the head. I don't remember what it was like in an erect childhood state, unfortunately.

Now, as a teenager who is fully done with puberty and more intimately acquainted and interested in his own penis, I have noticed a distinct difference between myself and most circumcised men. What I refer to as my "foreskin" (although it may be loose shaft skin) covers most of my penis head.

When flaccid: on the underside (toward balls) it covers all the way up to just below my opening. On the top side, it fully covers the corona and goes about two thirds of the way up the head. When I'm cold, I even have overhang.

When erect, this skin draws back and there is enough excess that I can pull it up to just over the corona on the front and just above the Frenulum (which is partially intact). This stretchy remnant of what once must have been my foreskin allows me to masturbate similarly to an uncut guy (and without lube).

However, this leftover skin is not sensitive like an actual foreskin, does not have a ridged band, and does not lubricate or produce smegma.

So I have termed my status as a partial circumcision. I have no idea why I am like what I am. I may have received an abnormally hnagressive circumcision. The remnant may have been stretched during masturbation, or I may just have a little extra skin due to chubbiness (I am slightly overweight).

I hope that answers your question and wasn't too TMIish. If you of any other VTers have similar penises or any other information or ideas, I'd love to talk. PM me anytime.


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