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gender? male
how old are you? 15
how tall are you? 168cm

how old where you when you first masturbated? i was 11 or 10
where did you find out about masturbation? i did it before i found out that's masturbating
how much time do you devote yourself to it a week? it depends
do you use pornography? sometimes
have you ever been caught? neh
-by who?
--what did they do?
---after they left, did you continue?
where is the strangest place youve done it in? my grandparents bathroom

have you ever had sex of any kind? neh
-what kind was it?
--how old where you?
---whas it good? or do you regret it?
have you ever though of a friend sexualy? ye (girl)
would you let a male friend suck you? idk
-and finish it?idk
--would you do the same to him?idk
would you let a female friend suck you? ye
-and finish it? ye
--would you do the same to her? ye

have you ever been attracted to the same sex? i think so
have you ever masturbated to the same sex? ne
if you dont, would you? idk

have you ever gotten touchy with friends?ne
-was it good? or did it ruin your friendship?
--would you do it again?
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