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Originally Posted by highschooler View Post
I cannot believe I'm dredging something up from last year, but I was going over old posts where I was quoted and would like to make a few final points. I have color coded so people can match my rebuttals.



Your 14th amendment point is a fair one. However, the law on female genital mutilation applies specifically to females, much like a law can specifically apply to any certain group and not necessarily apply to the whole population.

A baby's rights are entrusted to its parents. A parent determines where the baby is born and how, determines what clothes it wears, determines if it gets vaccinations (which it should - but that's another topic), and determines whether (if male) it should be circumcised or not. Babies cannot make their own decisions, and so we trust the parents. You may argue that parents are making the wrong decision, but they have their reasons, and their rights must be protected too.

There is a big difference between the examples you gave of religious commandments and male circumcision. I will not speak for Islam because I am not a scholar of it. However, I am Jewish and very knowledgeable about my religion.

For Jewish people, circumcision of boys is probably the most (if not among the top 3) important commandments and rituals in the entire religion. It represents the continuing covenant God is said to have made with Abraham in Genesis. Think of it like baptism or communion (which themselves represent a second covenant that Christian people believe was made between God the Father and Jesus Christ).

It is an enormously huge rite of passage. At a Biblical level, we see it almost as a small sacrifice to God in exchange for all he would do/has done for our people. At a cultural level, we see it as a part of who we are and of how our people have persevered throughout history (for some, evidence of said covenant).

I realize that you yourself are not anti-Semitic. The reason I find vehement intactivism to be anti-Semitic is because it has happened before. During the Roman occupation of ancient Israel in which the Second Temple was destroyed, the Romans forced the Jews into painful reverse-circumcision. The concept of inheriting religion through the mother was invented at that time in part because so many Jewish women were being raped by Roman soldiers.

I understand that you support this cause because you believe in what you call genital integrity, and that you hope to stop pain with your cause. What I'm telling you is that a person or group who has experienced persecution highly will be very sensitive to this kind of thing, even if they are not being threatened on religious grounds.

On the genital sensitivity point, while circumcision does lessen a man's penile sensitivity, many Jewish people see that as a small price to pay for such an important part of being Jewish.

This is not just an arcane rule about stoning women or burning heretics. Those minor rules have fallen at the wayside to all but a few extremely orthodox groups. This is a huge and essential part of Judaism. It reminds us of our past and, for many, gives evidence of a bright future.

I'm sorry to get so emotional and technical and virulent about all this, because I know you don't support your cause to be anti-Jewish. Its just a way it can be perceived. Hopefully, you'll realize that this is much larger than Biblical minutia. Its an entire people.
Thanks for bringing it up even if it was old, I noticed your sig. I'm not exactly familiar with what a partial cut is? Thanks
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