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Default My parents keep assuming that it's OCD

Before I start, let me just say that I really do have OCD. I even have a psychiatrist and medications (sertraline).

Both of my parents are aware of this. When a thought comes into my mind, it branches out and gets even worse and worse. For example, I often have the idea of someone watching me. Eventually, it springs out to stuff like "What if it's a spy?" or "What if they're trying to get my personal information?"... and then I consistently keep checking around the room to be safe.

I've improved because of the medications.

Unfortunately, my parents keep assuming that EVERY single bit of passion that I have is part of OCD. As in, when I have a project that I'm really interested in, my parents would constantly tell me to "stop obsessing over it, it's your OCD again".

I keep telling them that not every single interest I have is an obsession. They just say "well, you don't know for sure". But I do know, because I'm the one who knows my thoughts.

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