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Originally Posted by AlisterPSG View Post
So a question for all
When you hit the climax and jizz with the good feeling do you then feel like you don't want to do anything sexual or think sexual or even go for seconds

Happens to me every time
Yes, happens to me too. It is due to hormones released at orgasm.

Originally Posted by Coladude1 View Post
Im uncut and masturbate regularly. However i want to know what an orgasm is like with a condom on
So put one on and masturbate.

Originally Posted by BoomBounce View Post
I have a question.

Im wondering for a long time how other people get theirselves clean after an orgasm.
I do it with toilet paper but I heard some people dont even clean theirselves. Is it needed to clean yourself or dont you have to?
I usually use the underwear I have taken off or a towel I have already used to dry myself on that is waiting to be washed.

It is up to you whether you clean up. There isn't any harm in not doing so but you could end up with crusty sheets or clothes. I usually do wipe up because I don't want crusty sheets but there have been odd occasions when I have thought "hey I am changing the sheets tomorrow anyway, I could just be naughty and not bother". If you do let it just dry on you you can feel where it has dried the following morning and, if you don't want other people to see it or smell it you should then take a shower if you weren't already planning to.

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