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Default Re: Things that really bother me....

personally what annoys me is that people think that ocd is only being a neat freak ive even herd people call it obbsesive cleaning disorder the jokes dont bother me as much but then again i make them at myself for the most part because i find it makes people more comfortable with my things i do and more understanding like when i had a roommate at a mental hospital i joked about how i couldnt stand to have the door open even a crack because otherwise she probley would have thought it weird that i got up and made sure the door was closed absulety had to close the door till it clicked or i would end up staring at it as if it would close itself till finnally i got up and did it myself also it helped my friends understand why i was so picky about where they put my stuff or if they touched my stuff since i have a specific way everything in my room has to stay on my even if it seemed stupid to them i had to have everything where i was used to it being or i would freak even the empty bottle i left on my headboard had to stay there cause it had been there for so long and so now its part of my room if i didnt make the joke people would probley think i was crazy especialey the way if something touches one side of my body it has to touch the other the same exact way

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