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Default Re: Things that really bother me....

Originally Posted by SteelyDan10678 View Post
I can't stand when people flippantly use the term "OCD" as if it were some kind of joke. The more frustrating thing is that when I tell them that I get offended when people say that, they suddenly make me seem like I'm in the wrong. I've had OCD my whole life, and it has been the bane of my existence, to the point where I've considered running off or ending my life to take the burden of raising me off of my parents. OCD isn't just "haha I love having a clean desk" or "I eat the blue m&ms first because I like them"
I can't stand the compulsions, and I can't stand the intrusive thoughts that come with having OCD. I don't understand why this disorder has turned into some kind of joke or buzzword among people who feel as though they need something to spice up their boring lives.
Yes, this and when they say things like "I'm so ADHD". They have NO clue what anything of that sort is like. As for me, it wouldn't PERSONALLY offend me, because I neither have OCD or ADHD, but I DO have Borderline Personality Disorder and severe depression.
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