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Originally Posted by Lily24 View Post
Um well this is kinda weird for me to say but well my mom asked me to go in her bathroom and get her phone on it was a blue thing shaped like a penis sry mods and I wasn't completly sure wht it was (btw I'm 13 and my moms a Health teacher) I asked her to come her and asked her wht it was she just blushed another day I was looking in her nightstand for dove chocolate (she hides it so I won't eat it ) and found a bag and opened it and the (thing) was in it she dosnt kno I found it cuz I'm afraid she would yell at me for going thru her nightstand in the first place hey after all it's not my fault I found it should I tell her
I would just keep quiet about it I guess, it's nothing weird, just a sex toy.
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