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Originally Posted by WisenUpJanetWeiss View Post
Well I do have to agree MOSTLY, I'd just like to add that there is also agnostic theism, and agnostic atheism, both of which differ a little bit from what you describe.

I'm an agnostic theist. I do tend to err on the side of belief that there is potential for a higher power to exist, I do pray, I try to be somewhat spiritual, hell- I even read the Bible at times- but I believe that it is impossible to know. I don't exactly believe in an afterlife. I'm what you'd call "hopeful", but not set on the belief in one.

I try to respect the views of gnostics, but I tend to find those views (if not those people) very irritating. Imo gnostics can be extremely arrogant about their beliefs, and that's why I like agnosticism. From what I've seen, agnostics tend to be pretty chill about the views of others, not HAVING to prove their point, and so on.
i think i just described the basics of agnosticism, then. i didn't know that there was branches off of agnosticism like agnostic theist and agnostic atheist. thank you for telling me about that. (: after reading through what you wrote, i also think i lean more towards agnostic theism, because i do believe that there is a possibility of a supreme being, just that there's no way of knowing. but i completely agree with your other points on agnosticism.
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