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Originally Posted by lumiadots View Post
i am agnostic. my parents are both christian but they never raised me with strict christian beliefs. they never took me to church or made me pray or read the bible or anything. that's why i never really believed in a god while growing up, because it was never pressed into me.

after searching and learning about a bunch of different religions, i decided to label myself as 'agnostic. agnosticism is basically where you have no belief OR disbelief in any god/deities out there. my firm belief is that religion is here for people to fall back on, for all mankind to turn to when they need help most and provide a sense of security and comfort. however, i truly believe we don't know FOR SURE if any god(s) really exist. then again, who knows if any do or not? there's just simply no way to be sure until we actually die.
Well I do have to agree MOSTLY, I'd just like to add that there is also agnostic theism, and agnostic atheism, both of which differ a little bit from what you describe.

I'm an agnostic theist. I do tend to err on the side of belief that there is potential for a higher power to exist, I do pray, I try to be somewhat spiritual, hell- I even read the Bible at times- but I believe that it is impossible to know. I don't exactly believe in an afterlife. I'm what you'd call "hopeful", but not set on the belief in one.

I try to respect the views of gnostics, but I tend to find those views (if not those people) very irritating. Imo gnostics can be extremely arrogant about their beliefs, and that's why I like agnosticism. From what I've seen, agnostics tend to be pretty chill about the views of others, not HAVING to prove their point, and so on.

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