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Default Tell me I need advise!!!

There is this girl in my English class who is bi right well we were talking and we used to just joke around and pretend to like eachother but she is a bi and i am not (so we culd make a guy happy) and he had to transfer well now it is just me and her and we were talkin and she looked sad so i asked her wat was wrong and she said i am about to break up with my gf and i asked y and she said cuz she dont touch me like i want her too and she wont hug me in public.... and i said well i aint like that so i dont know wat to say and she said dam i know and it sucks cuz ur really hot and i wannago out with u and have a lil fun if understand.. and i just laughed and it was really weird cuz i felt like i was slowly peein my pants lol... i quess it was cum neways i think i liek her but i would nt no if i could go through with it or just joke with it i need advise
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