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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by moistman View Post
Hey there!
I would like to request a diary, the details of which are below.
Title~ The Lab
Description~ A place where science can be talked about freely. Any ideas? Post them im here! Any speculations on science experimemts etc.? Post in here. This is where sxience gets a home

I meet the requirements, having more than 50 posts, and being a member for more than two months.

Originally Posted by Kacey_of_minetest View Post
Title:The Cubing Corner
Description: Rubik's cubes and everything else under the sun. TWISTY STICKER BOXES ARE COOL!
Definitely meet the requirements...

Originally Posted by sixguy6 View Post
Hello I'd like to request one

Title: Fitness,Questions and anything else!

Description: Fitness talk and tips. Questions and Answers!

Mods: none

Meets requirements I guess lol hope it can be made!

Originally Posted by Floof View Post
I'd love one C;

It'd be called "Land of Wool and Catnip" and i would like its description to be "Feline heaven. Also asocially awkward human's residence C:"

Far as i know, no mods D:

I meet the reqirements at least 5x ;D
Done for ya.

Originally Posted by CosmicNoodle View Post
Well, everyone else has jumped on the band wagon, I would humbly like to make a request for my very own diary.

Name: This Modern Glitch

Description: My own little home in this insane place of god knows what.

Mods: Me
Roger that.

Originally Posted by thatgothgirluknow View Post
diary plz?
title - the devils diary
description - a place to get to know everyone better have fun looking at scrazy spooky thing or talk about random topics
mods - just me for now
You actually already have a diary, located here. If you want to change the name or something of it or whatnot, I can do that for you, but you can only actually own one diary.

Originally Posted by phuckphace427 View Post
Diary request since I'm pretty sure I meet the requirements.

Title: The Googie Diner
Description: Food, friends, and 1950's fun. Don't be a stranger, c'mon in!
Made for you

Originally Posted by Tweety View Post
Can I please re-open my diary?

Title: Malteasers taste nice at first but then taste like crap
Description: You can't have a pie without Cool Hwhip

As of this post, we currently have 0 open spots for diaries, and 1 user(s) on the waitlist.

1) indoxyl

Feel free to contact me: [email protected]|PM me
Feel free to visit: Ask Me|Diary|My Tumblr

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