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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Does your mom live with you and your dad? Does she know what's going on? If you think he's going to hurt you again before the police can handle it, tell her. Tell her you don't feel safe with him. There's a chance that she's scared of getting hurt herself and may not want to leave, but if your mom can take you and get out of there, it will be safer for you. Call the police again, let them know what your dad did last night. There may be physical evidence (like bruises) that they need to see and document to build a case against him. I don't think they would just tell you to hang in there, they should make sure that you're in a safe place until they can sort things out. Your dad will likely be arrested and the important thing is, he won't be allowed to touch you. So tell your mom, get out of the house, and call the police again from wherever you go (if you have friends or relatives nearby, you may be able to stay with them for a few nights, or in a hotel). This way, your dad doesn't know you've called until they're knocking on the front door and you're already gone. Once he's been arrested, you should be safe back home again.

Good luck!

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