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Originally Posted by phuckphace427 View Post
ITT druggie logic on full display. yes everything you have ever been told about drugs was a LIE fabricated by the BIG MEAN GOVERNMENT because they're all a bunch of Buzz Killingtons who hate fun. breathless conspiracy theories about why drugs are "really" illegal and personal anecdotes about the noble tweaker who is a straight A student and pillar of the community are unbelievably worn and tattered. no matter how many times a druggie tries to justify his dysfunction with this sort of glib hand-waving, the fact remains that hard drugs continue to destroy thousands of lives and erode communities. here in Oklahoma there are numerous towns that were once quiet farming communities, but are now mini-Detroits with rampant drug-related crime and violence. property values have sunk into the ground, you can buy a three-bedroom house in some places for as little as $5,000 if you don't mind that its previous owner cooked meth in it or that there is a crack house operating next door.

for you druggie apologists who are preaching about "moderation", why exactly do you think drugs are illegal? I'll tell you why - people in this day and age have almost no personal responsibility or grasp of the concept of moderation or restraint, which is partially why we have so many addicts running around. up until the turn of the 20th century you could go to the pharmacist, buy a bottle of heroin and get fucked up on it if you wanted to - BUT almost nobody did, the difference between then and now. if we legalized heroin in that manner today, our countries would collapse in about a month.

here in 2014 we have the drug laws that our society deserves. if most of us weren't hedonistic and infantile kids-with-kids who don't learn the facts of life until our 30s, the laws could be different, but unfortunately that's the way it is.

Nuff said.

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