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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by PurdyGirl View Post
Thanks, also whats the white stuff coming out of the penis? and what does it do? Do you need a condom when you masturbate? Why i sometimes squirt after masturbating?
The white stuff that comes out of the penis is called semen, or "cum". It's job is to go in through the vagina and fertilize an egg to create a baby, and it comes out when the guy has an orgasm. You don't need a condom when masturbating, but if you're masturbating with someone else, it's a good idea for the guy to wear one if you're going to be coming into contact with his penis, to avoid the spread of STD's and perhaps prevent pregnancy depending on what it is specifically that you're doing. Girls sometimes squirt, or ejaculate, when they have an orgasm. Some girls do it, some girls don't, and it's perfectly normal either way.

Originally Posted by PurdyGirl View Post
is tickling ur clit really fun?
It varies from girl to girl. Everyone has different methods of masturbation that work best for them. Try some different methods out and see what works best for you.

(Also, in the future, instead of making two posts in a row, click the "edit" button to add on to your last one.)

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