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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
I'm not asking for just reasons (which it seems you have given me). I realise that there's reasons that individuals disadvantage themselves.

I'm asking for a logical basis, i.e., one that does not appeal to emotion, for altruism: there's no logical basis, i.e., a basis that does not preclude emotion, to 'help others' (feel free to offer one), and disadvantaging oneself to achieve something else sounds likes it an actions being commited in ones self-interest. [1]

I don't study biology, and I don't pretend to know about evolution all to well, but isn't the base of it all to survive?: evolutionary speaking, I don't believe we'd develop pure altruistic traits, because disadvantaging oneself in favour of another would be counterproductive to our own survival.

I believe that if we develop altruistic traits, see: Homo Emiritus (I think?), then it will be because such traits aid in our own personal survival - and thus such traits won't actually be altruistic, as I defined it, at all

It's illogical to define a greater good, because an objective 'good' or 'bad' doesn't exist.

In such a case, ones actions would only be logical as long as everyone presumed that the outcome was also logical - or in the name of 'the greater good'

I'm presuming that altruism, the want to do self-defined good, plays a larger role than ego, the want to feel good, in ones decision-making process, because I've gathered that from personal experience. If it was a case of an action being commited entirely on the basis of ego, then I might be inclined to agree, but I don't believe this occurs all too often, if ever.

Since altruism, defined as: commiting a selfless action, an action not in ones self-interest or bringing one equal gain, is drawn from emotion, and thus illogical, I would label any action (or belief - left-liberalism, for example) influenced by altruism illogical.
Well we've gone really off track with this whole thing but I totaly see what you mean

I would like to mention there can definetly be evolution traits not soly based on one's own survival but on the survival of the bloodline or tribe or group or whatever it's called.
For example we could have, (Maybe we did, I haven't studied evolution enough to know, but I certainly will in the future), developed systems that don't nescecairly aide ourselves but can actualy kill us in certain situations, giving other superiours more survival guaranteeing the eventual survival of the species,
so in other words for a greater good, the greater good in this case being the survival of the species, which makes sense because after all our bodies are a collection of tiny organisms which can no longer live without each other.

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