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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
Is their a rational justification for deliberately going out of ones way to harm oneself? [1]

Okay. I accept your argument that altruism can't exit.

Would you say the urge to 'feel good about oneself' is more based in emotion or logic? Why do you 'feel good about yourself'? [2]

I'm getting confused here.

Are you now changing your mind and saying that people do things out of pure altruism and not out of their own self-interest? If so then we are back to people acting illogically. [3]

This implies that logic and what is logical is subjective.

By this logic, literally anything, from persecuting Irishmen to overdosing on cocaine, can be considered logical. [4]
[1]: Ofcourse there is, it just depends on your definition of rational. There can be any logical reasoning behind harming oneself for any reason.

[2]: To feel good about your self is emotional; however doing something in order to feel good about yourelf is a logical action.
We do it to support ourselves.

[3]: a: No I'm not. I'm saying when people seem to do purely altruistic things, they are always doing it to please themselves or a certain thought mentally. Philophicaly speaking true altriusm doesn't exist, if the act has to be selfless mentally too.
b: Altruism is not by definition illogical, I have yet to see you explain to me exactly how selflessnes directly means illogical, while everything can be part of a greater good.

[4]: No. I was saying doing illogical things was 'bad". I should have said 'I think it's bad" just to clarify that it's my opinion, but since 'bad" is a subjective word anyways I didn't feel it was nescecairy. I was stating my opinion and then giving a justification for it.

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